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07713117572 or +917713117572

Syed commented 2021-01-18
From this number received suspected voice messages regarding NI misuse


02082141773 or +912082141773

Anonymous commented 2021-01-18
I got a robot call and believed it was London number. I was very sure it was a scam. Scammers can spoof numbers from anywhere in the world. The robot said something fraudulent visa transactions. I hung up and blocked the call. I read about. It is dangerous. Don't fall for it. They try to steal all your banking information. I had no idea india have London numbers like 0208 as well.

09977783953 or +919977783953

रामरक्षा सा commented 2021-01-18
श्रीमान जी से अनुरोध है कि तकनीकी के खराब पर एक मोबाइल चोरी हो जाने के कारण या स्थान नहीं व्याकरण हुआ था जिस व्यक्ति ने उसका अनिवार्य करेगा उसको जल्द से जल्द इसका सूचना दिया जाए श्रीमान जी धन्यवाद मैं रमेश कुशवाहा जिला सिंगरौली मध्य प्रदेश


03368291517 or +913368291517

Raj saha commented 2021-01-18
Some one call me And telling me thank-you And cut the phone


02241521459 or +912241521459

KUMAR commented 2021-01-18


09917438523 or +919917438523

+989917438523 commented 2021-01-18
+989917438523 is Danial Mortezaei from Iran


09917438523 or +919917438523

salam commented 2021-01-18
Whose number is this?


09924933454 or +919924933454

Hi commented 2021-01-18
I want to know who called me


08861142890 or +918861142890

Anjan dey commented 2021-01-18
Is it Ayesha Abubakar from Mumbai?


09389718395 or +919389718395

* Yogendra Singh commented 2021-01-18
I want to know who called me


09928102900 or +919928102900

Rohit soni Dhariawad commented 2021-01-18
Is it Rohit soni Dhariawad?


01825582617 or +911825582617

Alan Woolmer commented 2021-01-18
Called from 01825582617. Amazon Scam.


09327349179 or +919327349179

Bunty commented 2021-01-18
+919327349179 I recived a call from this number he said he is from gas agency and he give gas agency


08537982936 or +918537982936

omthaya30 commented 2021-01-18
This is fraud number don't believe they act very well so don't believe be aware


08948502833 or +918948502833

Sunil commented 2021-01-18
Fraud by QR code


09441385106 or +919441385106

Rushikesh commented 2021-01-18
Super! Need to find out who owns this phone number


08167058125 or +918167058125

Rana commented 2021-01-18
Is it Rana?


08209349223 or +918209349223

* Hira Kumar commented 2021-01-18
Kaha pe hai


03401471607 or +913401471607

Matthew Ralphs commented 2021-01-18
We left this number for communication, but I cannot get through.


08873531086 or +918873531086

Turbo commented 2021-01-18
They called me from this number, probably they wanted to cheat.