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08859209627 or +918859209627

Tauseef Khan commented 2021-02-25
This is a fake number. He stays in Bihar. Job chahiye toh CV send karo This guy is scammer and he is prone to do blank calls.


08605503581 or +918605503581

SFSS commented 2021-02-25
Unwanted calls

09797777966 or +919797777966

ဟိုလူကြီး commented 2021-02-25
Leave me alone


01723086665 or +911723086665

sopon commented 2021-02-25
I want to know who called me


07906142886 or +917906142886

Sagar Yadav commented 2021-02-25
Ye number mera hai kya dikkat ho gai truecaller par dekho mera hai ye Uttar Pradesh Se hu kya baat hui or ye number mera yaha show kyu karrha hai


07924695121 or +917924695121

Ian commented 2021-02-25
Got called this morning by this number. Automated voice telling me my insurance number is compromised. Obviously a scam to me so I just hung up. However, I tried calling the number back and knew it was from overseas as my provider was telling me insufficient funds. People like this need to be penalised severely for their scammy tactics.


09193286170 or +919193286170

Parmar bhavesh commented 2021-02-25
Who are you?


03158260187 or +913158260187

Zubair ahmed commented 2021-02-25
I need to find out who owns this phone number 3158260187


09162689668 or +919162689668

Manav chandrakar commented 2021-02-25
Yah number kahan hai batao


09609286245 or +919609286245

Gelemansk commented 2021-02-25
Whose number is this?


09163985818 or +919163985818

Sorabh commented 2021-02-25
Whose phone is this?


03371016606 or +913371016606

Duua commented 2021-02-24


09193279442 or +919193279442

Ashok commented 2021-02-24
My number


08131409498 or +918131409498

Julian Holloway commented 2021-02-24
Calls from this number are scam calls, purporting to be from Amazon. They inform you that there is a suspicious charge on your Amazon account and invite you to press 1 to connect to an "advisor". DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE PRESS 1. They will try and scam your card number from you and will circulate your numbers amoung their "friends" as they know the number is live and you will respond to scam calls


09842984306 or +919842984306

Jaico commented 2021-02-24
9842984306 is my number please give this number


07410577940 or +917410577940

Pritam commented 2021-02-24
Help me find who is the owner of the number


09867658603 or +919867658603

Piu commented 2021-02-24
I need to find out who owns this phone number


07766950984 or +917766950984

Peter Pettigrew commented 2021-02-24
Scam text message claiming that my PayPal account had been " due to safety concerns". Text included a URL that's plainly not from PayPal either!


01606862645 or +911606862645

Tom commented 2021-02-24
Crooks - telephone scammers.


01206381244 or +911206381244

Surendra commented 2021-02-24
This number guy threatened me about if you are not loooking for job. Then your profile will not be on otherwise police complaint will happen