Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the India


09508562147 or +919508562147

Aman Kumar commented 2020-09-19
Track on this phone number


09137435931 or +919137435931

Adi commented 2020-09-19


09973778899 or +919973778899

INDRA kumar commented 2020-09-19
I want to know who owns this phone number.


07248858210 or +917248858210

Abhay commented 2020-09-19
numbers ki all details 7248858210


07905687034 or +917905687034

Vosiya commented 2020-09-19
This number is of a girl and she is making fun of people


07339602238 or +917339602238

Vinu commented 2020-09-18
+96894827881 - I need information


08129101943 or +918129101943

Vinu commented 2020-09-18
want to know who called me?


09442580228 or +919442580228

Menu commented 2020-09-18
Whose number is this?


09163073445 or +919163073445

Ikhtidar Ansari commented 2020-09-18
Who are you, why are you calling me?


09003183629 or +919003183629

Nusrath commented 2020-09-18
Aap ko coress bhut acha hai


09840160593 or +919840160593

Anonymous commented 2020-09-18
Received msg " hi , i am priya , call me for friendship & masti . WhatsApp no: 9891059864 " from this unknown number " 9840160593" . Beware of this number. Spam . Could be Money fraudulent .


06295112105 or +916295112105

Froud Google pay customer care no. commented 2020-09-18
This number available on Google as a Google pay customer care . But this is froud number. Whenever we call to him for complent about payment, then he just do same formal quation and other conversation with us. With in that period he has creating UPI id with our mobile number. Then he said below mention process 1. Login Google pay Aap 2. Click on new payment 3. Select UPI id 4. Put your mobile no. 5.then said after mobile no. Type "@" after our mobile number. 6 after @ he has given one bank name as like DSB, ICICI, ETC. 7. Open a new screen and he giben one number with start from 0 then the any 5 digit number 8. Put your pin number This whole process actual froud. This five digit nomber is actual ur bank balance. So please don't response to such à this number. This type of froud no any one help you. No any cyber crime or no any po.... department. So please take care.


09051609393 or +919051609393

Anil manna commented 2020-09-18
Well business man


02066332311 or +912066332311

Siyad commented 2020-09-18
I got a missed call from this number i feel strange that's why i looked about this number


09075554078 or +919075554078

INDIAN GAMING 129 commented 2020-09-18


09952778149 or +919952778149

Abdul nasar commented 2020-09-18
Coming police


09567749775 or +919567749775

Dheeraj commented 2020-09-18
This is actually my sim card... But i lost it..... currently I'm in saudi arabia.... and i want to know which proof to give for buy this sim...... How can i take this sim duplicate


07093109308 or +917093109308

Unknown commented 2020-09-18
Unknown number


09940174942 or +919940174942

Someshwar T.E commented 2020-09-18
Nothing to say


01400461222 or +911400461222

Ajith * commented 2020-09-18
Yah sankhya un logon mein se kisee se nahin hai jinhen main jaanata hoon, main is tarah ke kol ka javaab nahin deta